Nowadays, the situation of becoming a famous guy has been different than before. Is it a bit easy ? Yes, but no! You know, all digital marketers have a common belief, “Content is the king !” (Must be the queen ? ). Well, if you create contents that is liked by your followers and if those contents create interaction then you will gain followers quickly ! If you look from this perspective, the owners of the opinion claim that nobody can easily gain fame in digital channels without doing noteworthy, tooth-touching works.

Is it true? I am one of those who think that you should not talk pretentiously about the digital world. Because the concepts of this world are like an elflock and if something is right for some, the same thing could be wrong to other. And agreed lines can change very quickly. In digital world there are some people who became famous overnight, but in the meantime, there are so many content creators who are struggling for years. Especially in social media, people who have somehow become famous can apply different ways and methods. When you google, you will find many articles titled “Ways to gain more followers on Instagram”. The only thing they have in common is the content issue that I mentioned. They all say that you must have original content. If you ask me what is meant by original content, there are different answers to that question. Everyone has taken different way, some of the contents are ridiculous, some of them are giving useful information and some of them are producing original content by sharing their private life.

I am a little bit stuck on the social dimension of digital world nowadays. As a matter of my job, I have been in contact with many influencers. Each one had different number and content of followers. Unfortunately, the common point of many is the disease of “being famous”. If you increase the number of followers on social media in one way or another, it means that you are a famous person, especially if you exceed 100k. If you’re in millions, you’re already okay. These people meet their followers at the events they attend, or their followers come to their places just to see them. I am very surprised when I see the communication between them. We are shifting towards a very different social erosion. Especially the new generation after “generation Y” started to grow up with the idea of gaining a lot of followers in social media and becoming rich and famous in a short time. The content, which we call the king, started to become nonsense. No matter how many followers you have, it has become your criterion to be evaluated regardless of your history, education and humanity. Therefore, unlike X and Y generations, generation Z wants to save their life as a social media phenomenon.

If you are involved in the Influencer ecosystem, it can be said that your life was saved financially. The doors of the brands begin to open to you, you start making money from ads. Since there is no distinction between business and private life, you make friends with people who have the potential to gain followers, and you start to talk less with the people around you, or even never meet. Because there is no benefit from them! As a result, “Money talks!” concept has now evolved to “Followers talk!”