We all are passing through rough times. Different from the other disasters, this time the whole world is affected from a disease. So, nobody could go to help the other except the countries who have at least passed partially from this awful pandemic like China. Unfortunately, the bad part of this situation is it is spreading very quickly, and it seems that nothing will be the same so quickly for a while.

From business perspective, it is obvious that many companies are forced to close or stop their operations. This is inevitable, since the global markets are all down. Unemployment rates are unfortunately rising. For example, in China, the starting point of COVID 19, roughly 5 million people lost their jobs and some assessment reports state that 25 million people could lose their jobs worldwide due to coronavirus.

The effect of this crisis changes according to industry. Most of the industries like tourism, clothing, construction, real estate is all dropping. But, some of them are rising with this crisis. Because, people are at their homes and they have some primary needs like food, they are buying remotely. So, e-commerce is now rising. You now Amazon has announced that they will hire many people to keep it up with COVID 19 demand. They are allowing high demand goods like grocery, personal care products, pet supplies, baby products into their warehouses to meet the demands.

In Turkey we are also experiencing the same situation. Since the effect of coronavirus is rising negatively, step by step the measures are taken by the government. Even there is not a curfew in our country to all age groups, people over 65 years are not allowed to leave their residences. But, if they are allowed to work remotely, most of the people do not prefer to go out. So, e-commerce rates are also rising in Turkey. According to Interbank Card Center credit card expenditures increased in March compared to February and the same as in the US, people bought mostly grocery from online channels. Online grocery sales increased 32% in March.